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Q: Why aren't instruments shelters built on concrete surfaces?
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How were radios used in World War 1?

i could i know u arent such a big ........

Why didnt medics carry a gun in World War 2?

Medics didnt carry guns because back then it was like a work ethic to not shoot them because they were helping wounded people. if they carried guns then they would be a threat to the other side but without them they arent.

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thats a really hard question to answer because many battles probably arent recorded. but since the north won the slave war i am guessing north did.

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full benefits, good pay if you arent a screw up. can definitely get your life on track even if you do the 4 years only. plus they can pay for college and other things no one really tells you. best thing to do is talk to different recruiters to get the full story, since some just try and BS to get their numbers and some actually care about you.

Why did Hitler that Blonde hair and Blue eyes was the perfect race?

They weren't, that's the whole lesson of the Holocaust. There is no perfect race. That was an ego-centric illusion that led to the deaths of millions of people, a group that might have included men and women who would have found new medical cures, expanded scientific frontiers, written classic novels or otherwise changed the world for the better. Hitler was a horrible, horrible man. He was also, what I find, very uneducated.His favorite movies were Godzilla and Snow white.He also thought blue eye blond hair people were ideal Germans... :( you know that people with blonde hair and blue eyes arent necissarialy "germans" we are also norweigans....-_-

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