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Major Anderson, commander of the U.S. army unit in Charleston, South Carolina, at the time that South Carolina seceded from the Union, moved his troops into Fort Sumter in 1860 for two reasons. First, as the Civil War loomed, he had remained loyal to the Union despite being stationed in the heart of what was soon to become the Confederacy. Second, in his attempt to hold his position in Charleston, he judged accurately that Fort Sumter, located in the center of the harbor, would be the most defensible point in which to station himself and his troops.

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Yes, he did.

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Q: Why did General Anderson surrender fort Sumter?
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Who was the Union general in the Battle of Fort Sumter?

Robert Anderson

What general surrendered Fort Sumter?

Major Robert Anderson.

Confederate commander at Fort Sumter?

General PGT Beauregard.the commander of fort Sumter was Robert Anderson

What was one of the ironies concerning the fall of Fort Sumter in April of 1861?

When Confederate forces began their bombardment of Fort Sumter, the commander of Southern forces was General PT Beauregard. The fort had no choice but to shortly surrender. The irony of this key battle was that the commander of Fort Sumter was Major Robert Anderson. While attending the USMA, West Point, Major Anderson had been one of General Beauregard's favorite instructors.

Who was the confederate general of the battle fort Sumter?

General P.G.T. Beauregard was the commanding general of the Confederate troops at the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Union was led by Major Robert Anderson.

Was the Confederate general who called on the Union to surrender Fort Sumter?

(Pierre Beauregard)

Who Was the Confederate general who called on the Union to surrender Fort Sumter?

Pierre beauregard

Who was the confederate general who called on the union to surrender to fort Sumter?

Pierre beauregard

Was the Confederate general who called on the Union to surrender Fort Sumter.?

(Pierre Beauregard)

When did Lincoln declare that there was an insurrection in the south?

When South Carolina forced the surrender of Fort Sumter.

Who was the real union general in the battle of fort Sumter?

Major Robert Anderson

Who was the Commander of the Union Forces as Fort Sumter?

Brigadier General P. G. T. Beauregard led the Confederate forces in the attack on Fort Sumter.