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In World War 1 and the 20 or so years before 1914 some Germans wanted Germany to acquire the status of a 'world power'. This had different meanings for different people. What led Germany to 'want to dominate the world' was the most extreme variety of German nationalism, Nazism. This wish wasn't, in itself, a result of World War 1.

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Q: Why did Word War 1 lead Germany to want to dominate Europe?
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Which leader believed that Germany should be punished for the War but in a way that would lead to reconciliation in Europe instead of revenge?

Woodrow Wilson said he believed that Germany should be punished for the War but in a way that would lead to reconciliation in Europe instead of revenge.

How did the fall of France and the battle of Britain lead to all out war in Europe?

The Battle of Britain happened AFTER most of Europe had already been conquered by Germany.

How did the rise of nationalism in Germany lead to revolutions in Europe?

Except for the French Revolution in the 1700's there has been no revolutions in Europe and German nationalism has had nothing to do with the French Revolution. German nationalists were the cause the WW2 when Hitler took control of Germany.

How did the situation in Europe immediately following the fall of Germany lead directly to the Cold War?

Well you see, its quite sipmle google it man

What did Hitler do that forced the allies to declare war against Germany?

Hitler lead Germany to invade many other countries in Europe. Since many of the countries in Europe were part of the Allies such as: Britian. Then they bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawiia which caused the U.S. to join the war.

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Describe Europe in the immediate aftermath of world war 2 and explain the origins of the iron curtain?

Immediately after World War II, Europe was in ruins. Western Europe had ideas about how to handle Germany politically, while Russia wanted to make Germany a communist country. Eventually, Germany was split between the west and the east, and strong distrust grew between the west and Russia. Ultimately, this political climate lead to the Cold War.

What country did Adolf Hitler lead?


Germany hope of the submarine warfare in the text will lead to?

Germany hoped that submarine warfare would lead to war.

Why did USSR place a hold on eastern Europe?

At the end of World War II, the Allies fought the Germans on two fronts. The Coalition of forces lead by the United States from the West, and The Russians from the East. They met in Berlin in defeat of Nazi Germany, thus ending the war in Europe. With most of Europe in ruins, it was inevitable that both the United States and Russia reposition their stance to rebuild the ravaged continent. Russians were fearful of future attacks from Europe so it was agreed they would govern the countries in Eastern Europe, assist in their rebuilding, and establish communistic governments that would align with them thus creating a buffer zone. Germany itself represented this boundary, with the United States taking West Germany, and the Russians East Germany. These events directly lead to the cold war boundary represented by the Berlin Wall dividing not only people but the ideology of Communism and Democracy.

Where did Adolph Hitler lead?

In Germany

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