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If you check the BEM Citation Page 1942-1943 , you will find a citation to

650030 Sergeant Norman Andrew Workman RAF.

On 5th June 1943 Sergeant Workman was a member of the crew of an aircraft which crashed when alighting on the sea. The flying-boat which was about half mile from the flare path burst into flames.

Although suffering from burns, bruises, cuts and shock, Sergeant Workman disregarding his own safety managed to lift one member of the crew into a gun position and to help another to a float.

When the flames prevented him from rendering further assistance Sergeant Workman made his way to shore in an endeavour to secure help.

The half-mile journey involved wading through water waist deep whilst hampered by weeds and mud.

This airman displayed great determination and fortitude in his efforts to assist his companions but, unfortunately Sergeant Workman was the only Survivor.

London Gazette 12 Nov 1943. (Iris Roberts nee Workman

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Q: Why did my father Norman Andrew Workman receive the BEM please?
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