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those that participated in the Holocaust were convinced that what they were doing was the best for Europe. they believed that a pure Aryan race could be established if they got rid of who they believed did not have pure blood or had "dirty blood"

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Q: Why did people participate in or accept Holocaust?
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Why did some people not participate in the Holocaust?

They didn't want to participate. The Holocaust was the mass genecide of some 6 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and other "undesired people". What's amazing is the number of people who DID participate.

Why was the wide use of propaganda so important in implementing the holocaust?

It was not, people from other counties who had not been subject to propaganda were just as willing to participate.

Did Blackbeard participate in the Holocaust?

No, Blackbeard died in 1718 and the Holocaust took place in World War 2 (1939-1945).

Were there any Holocaust camps in America?

No, the US did not participate in the Holocaust. I hope you are not confusing the Holoccaust with World War 2. Please see the related question.

People who dont believe in the Holocaust?

People who do not believe that the holocaust took place are known as 'holocaust deniers.'

Who were the second people attacked by the Holocaust?

The Holocaust did not and could not attack people.

When did Germany accept Holocaust?

As soon as it started, the popular objections were small and localized.

How many people live in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is not a place.

Did women fight in the Holocaust?

No one fought in the holocaust. People died in the holocaust. People killed people in the holocaust. There was no fighting by men or women....but jsut because there was no fighting, don't think it was peaceful.

What was the outcast of the Holocaust?

the outcast of the holocaust was that millions people were killed and thousand of people was traumatised

Who were the suviours of the holocaust?

They were people who suffered during the Holocaust and lived after it.

What were people called when they rescued Jews from the Holocaust?

Holocaust survivors.