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It is considered a duty for men of honor.

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Q: Why did prisoners in POW camps regularly try to escape?
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Where were the pow kept in World War 2?

The PoW (Prisoners of War) were kept either in PoW Camps or in some Concentration Camps such as Auschwitz.

How many prisoners were held in the Kansas POW camps?


What were POW camps in the Vietnam war?

POW camps for Communist (NVA/VC) Prisoners of War were operated by the South Vietnamese Government: See website: Prisoner-of-war Camps.

What are some movies about German POW camps?

The Great Escape

How were Australian prisoners treated compared to the prisoners generally treated in Japanese POW camps?

Australian POWs were treated as appallingly as other whites in Japanese camps. They were used as slave labour.

What were the living conditions like in a pow camps in Canada?

The living conditions of the POW camps in Canada were said to be very good. The camps were in better condition than the army barracks. Canada has had more than 33,798 prisoners of war.

What were POW camps?

it was a prison of war camp a camp were they took members of army from there rivals and kept them prisoners

Were there POW camps in the UK?

Yes. The inmates consisted of prisoners taken by British troops, usually from the European mainland.

What happen to the prisoners that were in in the POW camps after the World War 2 war?

They all went back to there normal life.

Which POW camps in Germany and German occupied countries let their prisoners work on farms?

There were at least 450 people

What were the worst Japanese prison camps for Americans in World War 2?

Possibly the POW Camp in Bataan, as that was one of the first POW camps for the allies, and one of the first experiences for Japanese forces on the handling of Prisoners of War.

How are prisoners of war camps different to the Holocaust?

an indication is the survival rate; for POW camps (for western POWs) the survival rate was about 96%, for the Holocaust the survival rate was less than 4%.