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because they wanted to to make more money to buy weapons and ammo and many things for war so they raised the price higher but people thought it wasnt fair to put highers prices higher and to pay for war at the same time

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Q: Why did the US government impose so many regulations on industrial and food production during the war?
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What did most wartime mobilization agencies rely on to prepare the economy for war World War 1?

During World War 1, most wartime mobilization agencies relied on government intervention and regulation to prepare the economy for war. They implemented measures such as price controls, rationing, and production quotas to ensure the availability of essential goods for the war effort. Additionally, they encouraged increased industrial production and redirected resources toward military needs.

Resistance by colonies to European domination during the Industrial Revolution included armed conflicts such as the Chinese?

during the Industrial Revolution included armed conflicts such as the Chinese

Since Americas rapidly expanding industrial economy during the late 19th century depended on a continued supply of inexpensive labor?

the U.S. government maintained, with few restrictions, an open immigration policy

What area of production did the US government control during World War 1?

The U.S. government controlled almost everything during World War I. Factories that produced clothing were told by the War Industries Board that they had to make uniforms. Even toy makers were told that they couldn't use tin in their toys so that it could be used in making war materials like weapons.

How did government spending during the Civil War compare to that during previous years?

During the Civil War government spending tripled compared to previous years. The United States government was forced to take a loan from France.

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What happen during the Industrail Revolution?

The modes of production were changed during the industrial revolution.

Which describes an entrepreneur?

a businessperson increases production during the industrial revolution

Which statement best describes the relationship between the Industrial Revolution and mass production in Great Britain?

Technology developed during the Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of goods such as textiles" is the best option. The Industrial Revolution changed the course of economic history.

Statement best defines the term time management?

Businessperson increases industrial production during the Industrial Revolution

What was the primary concern of factory owners during the Industrial Revolution?

speedy production

Industrial production in China declined during what time?

the Great Leap Forward

Is this paragraph in passive or active voice During the Industrial Revolution the production of beer moved from artismal manufacture to industrial manufacture?


What role was the US during World War 2?

Industrial production of men and material.

How did the production goods change during the industrial revolution?

manufactured goods were made in factories

What city during the Industrial Revolution became the epicenter for production of steel?

Britain, England

How did the federal government's actions influence civilian life during world war 2?

The industrial demands for wartime production in World War II meant that civilians had to have rationing of basic materials, and some foodstuffs. Bureaucracy expanded dramatically during the war, as did federal power. The government became the single most important force in American life.

Which statement best describes the relationship between the industrial revolution and mass production in great Britain ?

Technology developed during the Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of goods such as textiles.