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so it might

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Q: Why do people write about war peace?
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Who write the book War and Peace?

Leo Tolstoy

What is the time when there is no war?

When there is war, there is fighting. People are at odds with each other over one thing or another. When there is not war, there is peace. The word used for when there is no war is peace.

Did the conflict result last in a lasting peace in World War 1?

peace came to World War 1 was that four people came to Versailles to discuss the plans for peace.

In a separate peace what did Knowles both experience and write about?

uncertainty caused by war.

What novel did the Russian Leo Tolstoy write about the Napoleonic Era?

'War and Peace'.

How long did it take to write one book?

The longest period it has taken to write a book was 10 years. War and peace.

how can you use peace in a sentence?

Most people agree that peace is better than war.

What was the heiji war?

people interrupted the Japanese peace

Who signed the peace agreement after the civil war?


During Andrew Johnson's term as President was the US at war or at peace?

Do you know if the us was at war or at peace?W/Bps that means write back:We were at war....the CIVIL WAR!Uhh, no.Johnson succeeded Lincoln after his assassination after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period

What did people do in th war?

They fought for their country and to make Peace

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng peace-peace?

What is The Meaning Of The peace ?? peace like a all people of the world are all friends and no body cant kill every people, no war, no fight, no wanted, no gang.