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There are many reasons and each will depend on whos answering.. My personal opinion was that he managed to fight 4 years and lead troops to do massive damage to a army superior in everyway except one, leadership. If he had chosen to lead the union army and not the southern army the war very well could have ended much sooner than it did. Both Lee,Grant other civil war generals fought together in the Mexican-American war and was well aware of each others abilities. But all to many times the superior union army was outdone by Lee army. Lee is still concidered one of the, if not the greatest stratigest that's ever commanded a army..

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Q: Why was Lee considered the greatest general in the Civil War?
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Who was considered the best american general?

The greatest Confederate general of the Civil War was Lee.

Who was the greatest general of the civil war?

lee and jackson jds:)

Who was the souths greatest general during the Civil War?

was the key general of the south during the civil war

Which civil war battle is considered Lee's greatest victory?


Who was the famous civil war figure that was the single greatest northern military leader?

Grant became the greatest northern general who defeated Lee.

What is general Robert E. Lee the Battle of Chancellorsville considered?

It is considered his greatest triumph, being outnumbered as he was, better than 2-1.

What did Stonewall Jackson have to do with the civil war?

He was a general in the Army of Northern Virginia. Lee considered him his right arm.

What famous civil war general is Harper Lee related to?

general Robert E. Lee

What General surrendered in the civil war?

Robert Lee

What was General Lee last victory in the US Civil War?

General Lee's last victory in the US Civil War was at Deep Bottom on August 14, 1864.

What was Robert E. Lee's greatest accomplishments?

us civil war

What confederate general surrendered to the north during the civil war?

General Lee