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The .45 Thompson sub-machine gun and M3 sub machine gun (grease gun) were used in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam War. A sub-machine gun is called a SUB machine gun because it uses "pistol" ammunition. The M3 sub-machinegun looked exactly like a grease gun; hence the name.

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Q: Why was the 45 cal rifle used in World War 2?
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How much is a world war 2 200 cartridges 7.62 mm ammo case worth?

7.62 is cal. 308. 7.62 was used after WW2 in the M14 rifle..WW2 used 30/06 cal.

Did japan produce a 303 cal rifle in World War 2?

I saw one on an auction recently.

Car-15 assault riffle was it used in world war 2?

Do you mean the 50 caliber BAR "Browning Assault Rifle?" Yes, the 50 Cal BAR was used in WWII.

Was the US 30 Cal M1917 Used in World War 2?

The M1917 refers to many pieces of equipment. A bayonet, a helmet, a light machine gun, a 45 cal. revolver, an Enfield rifle,and a Browning water cooled machine gun. Both machine guns were 30 cal. as well as the Enfield rifle.

What weapons were used in World War 1 and World War 2 and how are they different or similar?

M1 Garand, M1A1 Thompson, Colt. .45, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), Grease Gun, K-Bar Bayonet Knife, M1 Carbine, 30 Cal. Light, 50 Cal.

Are 338 bullets the same as a 50 cal?

No. .338 vs .500 If you are referring to World War 2, then you probably mean the .308 bullet used in the British Enfield rifle, the typical infantryman's rifle used in World War 1 & 2. It was a rifle round that was 0.308 inch diameter. The "50 Caliber" was a 0.500 inch caliber bullet that was about 4 inches in length that was used in heavy machine guns that were used on tanks and aircraft. Suggestion- You may also have been thinking about a .30-06 Springfield, which the M33 Ball .50 Cal ammuntion is based upon. The .50 Cal is actually on a super scaled up version of it. But no, a .338 is in NO way a .50 cal.

What was the caliber of the standard civil war rifle?

.58 cal.

What rifle is used in the biathlon?

.22 cal

The most deadly sniper rifle in the world?


Was a 50 cal sniper used in world war 2?

No. The standard sniper rifle for the US was the 1903 Springfield, mounted with a telescopic sight. Later a version of the M-1 was scope mounted as well. All other nations that had snipers used their standard infantry rifle mounted with a telescopic sight.

What were some of the weapons used in Verdun?

British used the bolt action lee-enfield rifle. the vickers machine gun. a 45 cal. revolver. And cannons missles ^the british werent in that war

Is The Assault Rifle In Halo 50 Cal?

no the rifle is 85 cal and is second lowest to the pistols