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. The Jews Were Targeted During The Holocaust Because ; during The Holocaust most jews were put in concertration camps german's blammed many things upon them

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Q: Why was the Jewish people targeted during the Holocaust?
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Who were the people targeted during the holocaust?

People who practiced and believed the Jewish faith

What ethnic groups died during the Holocaust?

People from all ethnic groups died during the holocaust, but the only ethnic groups that were specifically targeted by the Nazis for extermination were the Jews and the Roma, or Gypsies. The Jewish people were the primary victims of the Nazi camps.

How many other people would killed during the Holocaust?

Approximately thirteen million people were killed in the Holocaust. Approximately six million of them were Jewish, and the others were targeted by the Nazis because they were Roma, political dissidents, or homosexuals.

Why hitler chose th jews?

Hitler hated the Jewish people and blamed them for the loss of the first world war. Hitler considered the Jewish peoples back stabbers and targeted them during the Holocaust.

What two other groups were targeted during the holocaust?

Many minority groups were targeted. People like homosexuals, gypsies, and etc. were targeted.

How many Jewish people died in France during the holocaust?

9,000,000 people died in France during the Holocaust!!

When were the Jewish people badly treated?

Jewish people were treated horribly during the holocaust

Who were being attacked during the Holocaust?

Jewish people

What was the Jewish people religion during the Holocaust?

Judaism of course. That's the reason for the Holocaust.

What was the group of people that suffered the most during the Holocaust?

Jewish people.

How many Jewish people in the Netherlands died during the holocaust?

About 105,000 Jews from the Netherlands died during the Holocaust.

Why were Jewish people targeted in holocaust?

because hitler had a bad experience with one, one hurt his grandmother or mother or something

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