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The revolutionary war was considered a civil war with Britain, because most of the colonists were from Britain and still considered themselves Brits.

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Q: Why was the Revolutionary War considered as much as a civil war with Britain?
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How was revolutionary America divided?

There where no distinct geographical boundaries, so much as social ones. Unlike the civil war, the Revolutionary war was between Loyalists, and Colonists, instead of North vs. South.

What did Australia do during the Civil War?

Australia was claimed by Great Britain and colonized by British prisoners. During the Civil War, Australia was still a remote outpost of Great Britain, with no appreciable effect on the war. Of the British colonies, Canada and Jamaica would have had much more of a bearing on the Civil War due to their proximity.

Does the American Revolutionary War have any link to the Civil War?

Not much. About the only link between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War is that the Civil War resulted from the decision made during the Revolutionary to keep slavery in a country (and slave holder President Thomas Jefferson) that said; "All Men are Created Equal". In 1776, the double standard of the USA regarding slavery was known far and wide. In England it took William Wilberforce and the Captain John Newton song, "Amazing Grace" to bring an end to slavery. In the USA, it took a Civil War, Frederick Douglas and President Abraham Lincoln to bring an end to slavery. Apart from the slavery issue, I can't think of any other link between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

How were the American state constitutions different from those of Great Britain?

Great Britain has what is considered to be an unwritten constitution. Certain understandings exist, about the nature of British government, but they are not in the form of any written document. Britain has a much longer history than the US, and in the middle ages, nations did not have constitutions, they just had rulers who made up their own rules and enforced them by force of arms. In Britain this gradually evolved into a democratic form of government, without ever having a constitutional convention, such as the American colonies had, following the Revolutionary War.

How did civil war technology differ from earlier military technology?

Civil War technology was video, pictures, letters and articles. Earlier military technology did not have video and only depended on letter and pictures.

Why did Great Britain stop the Revolutionary war?

Following the British surrender in Yorktown, Virginia, King George III wanted to continue the war. Great Britain stopped the Revolutionary War because William Pitt the Younger stood up in Parliament. He had large diagrams showing how much money the war was costing Great Britain and how much money Great Britain could possibly collect in taxes from the colonies. His figures showed that no way existed Great Britain could collect the taxes necessary to keep an Army in America. After listening to Pitt's speech, Parliament voted to withhold funds to continue the war. Without funds to pay for another army, Great Britain did not send over another army but signed a peace agreement.

What did soldiers fight for in the Revolutionary War?

In the Revolutionary War, it was the British and the Americans fighting, while Britain was fighting to keep in control of them. And the Americans were fighting to become a free country. Near the end of the war, France joined and didnt do too much, but they combined with the Americans and Spainish to create a massive navy fleet even bigger than Britain's making it the most powerful navy in the world at the time.

How much money did Revolutionary Road gross worldwide?

Revolutionary Road grossed $79,564,960 worldwide.

How much money did Revolutionary Road gross domestically?

Revolutionary Road grossed $22,911,480 in the domestic market.

Why did we have a Revolutionary War?

We (Americans) had a revolutionary war because of we were tired of being pretty much pushed arounded and roled by Great Britain. This war was vital to our countries history, without this war, who knows. We could still be run by England or another country. One thing is for sure, if we didn't have this war, and free and safe America would not here. But our founding fathers got together and the wrote the declaration of independence which was a letter to King George III that stated that America was separating from Brittian and was becomeing a free nation. In the kings fury, he declared war on the colonies, not knowing what he was getting himself into...

How much will a fired civil war bullet be worth?

about as much as a haypenny from the civil war

Can you write a sentence for the word confederacy?

The Civil War was fought between the Confederacy and the Union.After the Revolutionary War the colonies formed a confederacy, until it proved unworkable and they reorganized as the United States.Following the breakup of the USSR, much of the country was reorganized as a confederacy.