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It was very important because the North outnumbered the South in men and munitions and food and clothing and shoes. The South needed all the men she could get,

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Q: Why was the confederate draft important?
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What law brought the draft?

Confederate (South)

How did the union draft compare to the confederate draft?

the union let African American American enlist

When did the confederate congress pass a draft law?

The confederates didn't pass the draft law, it was the Union

When did the union and confederate pass draft laws?


What weakened the military draft in the South?

The weak Confederate constitution

Who could be drafted in the confederate draft who old?

In order to be drafted in the Confederate Draft, one must first meet the minimum age requirement before doing so. The minimum age requirement involved with the draft is at least 18 years of age.

Which law established martial law in the South after the Civil War?

The 1862 Confederate draft laws caused Confederate President Jefferson Davis to suspend certain Constitutional rights as a precautionary measure. The draft was not popular with Southern citizens nor with Confederate governors. Davis was safe however, as no open rebellions occurred, as was the case in the North when they passed draft laws in 1863.

What is a union Draft Law?

The first effective draft by the federal government, called for all men between the ages of 18 and 40 to be enrolled into local militia units.The first was the Confederate Draft during the Civil War, calling for all men from ages of 18-35 to join the Confederate army

What did the confederate and union government create during the civil war?

I think they created a draft

What is the most important gait of the draft horse?

The most important gat of a draft horse is a trot

What was the effect of farragut's blockade of mobile bay?

destroyed a confederate draft fleet defending mobile bay

Why did state governors in the South oppose the Confederate government during the US Civil War?

There was one particular issue that caused friction between Confederate President Jefferson Davis. That issue was the Confederate draft. It needs to be remembered that on both sides of the war, state governors were responsible for recruiting volunteers. When the South was forced to pass draft laws in 1862, some Southern governors believed it was unconstitutional.