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Because the US was OFFICIALLY not fighting there.

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Q: Why was war in Laos called the secret war?
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Where did the secret war take place?

in Vietnam and Laos...alot of Hmong were involved.

What was the secret war during the Vietnam war?

Laos and Cambodia; B52 bombing, CIA, Ravens (0-1 Bird Dog observation airplanes/called the L-19 Bird Dog during the Korean War), and mostly special ops personnel.

Was the secret war caused by the Vietnam war?

If you're talking about that bombing, etc. in Laos and Cambodia, that was caused by the US's need to keep the war from escalating (spreading) across the land. Otherwise it would'nt have been a secret, it would've been, "JUST DO IT!"

Who did Laos ally in the Vietnam war?

Laos was neutral.

What are the natives of laos called?

Natives of Laos are called Laotian.

Why did hmong leave laos?

hmong people left laos because... the didnt want to be prisoners so they crossed the big river over to Thailand to not be prisoners...

Who won the Vietnam war against laos?

Laos was officially neutral.

What was the southeast Asian country involved in the Vietnam war?


Why is Pearl Harbor called the secret war?

Pearl Harbor was, as is all battles (supposed to be) a secret until the opening shot. Otherwise, it was not a secret war. A secret war is called "covert operations" like today's SEALs, CIA, Special Forces, Delta Forces, etc.

How did Nixon justify his secret bombing raids on Cambodia and Laos?


Did the Vietnam war expand to Laos?


Does laos have a martial art?

I found one called Muay Laos