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Because The confederate states had wanted independance, and then the first shots at Fort Sumter and bull-run started the war before they could prevent it.

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Q: Why were American politicians unable to avoid the American Civil War?
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How could you avoid going into the civil war?

To avoid going to war you could pay some one to go for you.

How did lee surrender in the civil war?

The most interesting is the location it was held. The home was owned by Wilmer McLean. He had moved there in 1861 from his home near the site of the First Battle of Bull Run. He had seen that battle fought on his front lawn and wanted to move away from the battles and avoid involvement with the war! Grant remembered meeting Lee during the Mexican American War, but Lee was unable to remember a single detail about him.

Why did Americans seek to resolve their political disputes through compromise in the early nineteenth century?

to avoid a civil war

Who was responsible for the American Civil War?

In speaking about the US Civil War, many reasons have been claimed to blame either the North or the South for the start of the US Civil War. Since it takes two sides to be in armed conflict with each other, then both the leaders on each side can be blamed. Even US President Lincoln in his 1864 Inaugural Address, blamed each side for the war.

What factors made the civil war a very bloody and deadly war?

Civil wars in general tend to be bloody and deadly, in comparison to foreign wars. If you are fighting against another country, about something such as a border dispute, the survival of your country is usually not at stake. With civil wars, there is a greater chance of the destruction of the country. If you are not on good terms with Germany, you don't have to go there. If you have a similar problem with your neighbor, that is harder to avoid. Civil wars take on a great urgency, and people are less likely to compromise or give up, being more likely to fight to the death.

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