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The threat of War for the US wasn't apparent until at least the beginning of 1940, as an example, there were only 800 Officers in the Marine Corps at that time. That number increased to 37,067 in 1945. Wartime production wasn't placed in gear until the German attack on Poland in 1939.

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Because they had hoped that disarmament & appeasement would supply a lasting peace: Naive in hindsight, but at the time most people accepted it as a good idea. If you accept that most people had a very fresh rememberance of WW1 who would wish for a repitition ? and then, in the event it turned out to be even more destructive. But people generally hoped for peace, the thinking being that if countries prepared for war then it would be inevitable. Also, of course, hindsight again, no one really believed that Hitler was anything like what events showed him to be. Indeed many, especially in the British Establishment, thought that he was just the ticket ! As for my opinions of the conduct of the French in the ensuing years of WW2 it might be best if I say nothing.......

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Q: Why were Britain and France so unprepared for World War 2?
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No, France gave in to Germany, and Germany then took over France. We did not help them. Not in World War I, the war the question asks about. Britain joined France in its fight againt Germany during the first World War.

Were britain fighting againest france in WW1?

Britain was fighting with France in World War 2.

Why did Great Britain and France join World War 2?

Britain and France joined the war, becaus Germany invaded Poland. The reason for this is that Britain and France had a pact with Poland, Denmark and Belgium.

What country or countries won the war?

For World War 1: the US, Britain and Commonwealth, France, Russia and Japan. For World War 2: the US, Britain and Commonwealth, France and the Soviet Union.

Did Britain and France defeat the Soviet Union in World War 2?

Britain, France and the Soviet Union were on the same side during World War 2

Allied Powers?

The victorious allied nations of World War I and World War II. In World War I, included Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and the United States. In World War II, included Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

Who join world war 2 with Britain?

France joined on the Allies side with Britain.

Did Britain help France in World War 2?


What did France and Britain DO in World War 2?

invasion of Poland

What did Britain take in the division of France?

Britain was not involved in any division or 'carve up' of France in or after World War 2.

When did France and Britain declare war on Germany in world war 1?

i wanty the answering

In the division of France what did Great Britain take?

Britain was not involved in any division or 'carve up' of France in or after World War 2.