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Because rich people choose not to go while poor people didnt have no choice but to go and because they didnt approve fighting with anyone

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Q: Why were many African American leaders opposed to the Vietnam war?
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Who offered support to the south vietnamese leader?

Dwight D. Eisenhower pledged U.S. support for a non-communist Vietnam. Ngo Dinh Diem (the leader of South Vietnam at the time) opposed both the French and the Communists making many American leaders such as Eisenhower support him.

Who was the senator who opposed sending troops to Vietnam?

Senators Wayne Morse of Oregon & Ernest Gruening of Alaska voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

Who spoke out against the Vietnam War?

Many famous people opposed the Vietnam War, including Gene McCarthy, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jane Fonda (who went a bit too far), Gore Vidal, and many more.

In the Vietnam war was the US helping north Vietnam or south Vietnam?

The US was supporting South Vietnam. The US opposed the communist North Vietnam, which was led by Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was ruled by President Diem (pronounced like Z-M) who was later assassinated by South Vietnam rebels.The people of South Vietnam rebelled against Diem because he was Catholic and tried to change the people's religion form Buddhism to Catholicism. Kennedy and everyone saw the pictures of the Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire and it leaked out that the US favored a coup (pronounced like coo) and the takeover by other officials led to the assassination of Diem.Kennedy also funded a CIA operation which encouraged the overthrow, and indirectly ended in Diem's assassination.

Who was the notorious Copperhead convicted of treason who ran for governor of Ohio while exiled to Canada?

The Copperheads were a group of Democrats who opposed the American Civil War. One of its leaders, Clement L. Vallandigham was convicted of treason and was banished behind Confederate lines. He then ran for Governor of Ohio and campaigned from Canada, nevertheless, he lost.

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Why were many African American leaders opposed to Vietnam war?

Because rich people choose not to go while poor people didnt have no choice but to go and because they didnt approve fighting with anyone

Jomo Kenyatta and Kwame Nkrumah were African leaders who opposed to?


Compare the arguments of northerners with southerners who opposed abolitionism?

they opposed the african american slavery

Who did Americans support as leader of Vietnam?

Most US leaders supported the war, midway the same leaders opposed the war.

What challenge to political equality did African American face in atlanta?

the demarcates opposed them

The unification movements in both Germany and Italy were led by leaders who opposed?

They were led by leaders who opposed democracy.

Which African American leader promoted vocational traning and opposed political protest?

Booker t. Washington

What did the African American and the whites who opposed slavery set up to help runaways escape?

The Underground Railroad

How did Martin Luther King feel about African American troops fighting in the Vietnam war?

That freedom should be won on the homefront before being won overseas.

South and north Vietnam remained divided because why?

Ngo Dinh Diem refused to permit elections to reunify the country. U.S.-supported leaders in the area opposed the elections

How many American soldiers surviving Vietnam were Army soldiers?

All of them - soldier is a term exclusive to the Army, as opposed to Marines, sailors, and Airmen.

What are the nicknames for people who opposed the Vietnam war?