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Answer this question… Disillusionment in the years following World War I

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What authors published in 1922?

Some notable authors who published in 1922 include T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Marcel Proust. These authors produced significant works in various genres that have continued to influence literature to this day.

Ernest Hemingway wrote most of his major works at roughly the same time as what other American authors?

Ernest Hemingway wrote most of his major works around the same time as F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, and William Faulkner. These authors were part of the "Lost Generation" and the "Southern Gothic" literary movements of the 1920s and 1930s.

What is the protection of an authors works?

Copyright law.

Which authors don't mind if fanfiction is written about their works?

Here is a link to an article with lots of quotes by the authors!

What is an anthology of works on a related subject?

An anthology is a collection of literary works, such as poems or short stories, by multiple authors that are grouped together based on a common theme or subject.

What collection of literary works by one or more authors?

An anthology is a collection of literary works

What is a collection of writing by various authors?

literary works maybe?

What are the works which Pedro Calungsod had shared to the people?

i have no clue.

What American authors is Gary soto compared to?

Gary Soto is often compared to other American authors such as Sandra Cisneros and Sherman Alexie, as they also explore themes of Mexican-American identity, culture, and the immigrant experience in their works. Each author brings a unique perspective and voice to their writing, but their shared focus on these themes invites comparisons between them.

In a MLA Works Cited page the list is alphabetized by authors' last name.?

In a MLA Works Cited page, the list is alphabetized by authors' last name. If a source has no author, the title is used for alphabetizing. Multiple works by the same author are arranged chronologically by publication.

Are all works of fiction political?

The answer depends on the perspective of individual authors and readers.

What is a collection of various types of writing from different authors?

My guess is...."literary works"