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A group of advisers, usually for a nation's leader, is often called a(n):

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Q: A group of advisers usually for a nations leader is often called?
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A group of advisers usually for a nation's leader is often called a what?


A group of advisers, usually for a nation's leader, is often called a(n)?


What is the popes group of advisors called?

The curia is the Pope's group of advisers. The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church.

What is the leader of an executive departments usually called?


What is the lead person of a football team called?

the leader ofa football can be the coach. the leader of the players is called captain and the leader on the field is the quarterback on offense and usually the middle linebacker

What is a large state usually under one leader called?

an empire

What is another term for majority leader?

The majority leader in the US House of Representatives is usually called the Speaker of the House.

In Australia the leader of a council is called..?

The leader of a council in Australia is usually known as the Mayor. In some smaller regional councils, the leader is the Chairman of the shire.

Which of these positions is not a Presidential cabinet post?

Secretary of the United Nations

What do they call a Brownie troop leader?

There really is no different name for leaders of different levels of Girl Scouts, they're all just called "Leaders". In addition: In many countries, the Brownie Girl Guide troop leader is called "Brown Owl" after the Wise Old Owl in "The Brownie Story" who helped the girl find the brownie (herself). Girl Guide leaders are also called "Guiders".

Is it accurate to describe the president as leader of his party?

Well yes and no, a president has a court, congress what ever you what to call it they have people telling them if their doing the right thing. Long story short a Leader is nothing with out his/her advisers.

What is parliametary form of government?

A parliamentary form of government chooses it's executive leader (usually called a Prime Minister) from the elected legislative body. In these countries there is usually a head of state who acts as the ceremonial leader.