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The scarcity of water.

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Q: A major problem faced by settlers on the Great Plains in the 1870s was?
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When did settlers head for the great plains?


What did settlers call the great plains?

It was called the Great American Desert.

When did the settlers go to the great plains?

they came in the 1850s

Which major event brought many settlers to the Great Plains states?

The passage of the Homestead Acts led many settlers to the Great Plains states. These acts gave ownership of land to settlers at little to no cost.

Why did settler on the great plains give up and move?

The settlers on the Great Plains gave up and moved because they wanted to explore. They could not thrive in the Great Plains.

Who lived on the great plains before the settlers arrived?


What year did thousands for settlers head for the great plains?


How did settlers plan crops in the great plains?

by growing there food

Why was the homestead necessary?

Few settlers had moved to the Great Plains.

What was a house made by settlers in the great plains?

The great plains were a very dry place. People made there houses out of mud and straw

What was the common use for sod by settlers in the Great Plains?

To build houses

What region did the Sioux move when European settlers arrived?

great plains