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Declaration of Sentiments

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Q: All men and women are created equal was used in the?
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If men created equal does that mean women are created equal?

The quotation uses the term "Man" to mean "Mankind" - or human beings. Yes, women and men are all created equal.

All men and women are created equal?

The phrase "All men are created equal" was first used by Thomas Jefferson during the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin stylized the final form of the phrase.

Is it true that women are better than men?

all men and women are created equal...but women are sexy(some)

What implications did the Declaration of Independence hold for women?

It said in the Declaration of Independence that all men would be created equal, but that wasnt the case, women and slaves were not created equal as the men.

Dream that all men and women were created aqual?

Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech about all men and women being created equal

All men are created equal what 3 groups of people was not included?

what groups were not included in "all men are created equal"

What were Jefferson's views on women as it applied to his famous statement all men are created equal?

Jefferson believed that women were a second class citizens

Is the US pro Caucasians and Blacks only?

No. All men [and women] are created equal in the United States.

What is the linkage group that opposes all men are created equal?

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Is anti-immigration, believes in white nationalism. This group is racist and doesn't believe all Men and women are created equal.

What famous line did Elizabeth Cady Stanton write into the Declaration of Sentiments?

All men and women are created equal

What did women's rights movement have to do with religious movement?

The movement of women's rights were not very connected to any religious movements. It was mainly the belief that all men and women should be created equal.

What have Americans constantly returned to the promise that all men are created equal?

Americans have constantly returned to the idea that all men are created equal because it is the right thing to do. This includes women and children, not just men. It also includes people of all races.