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In the United States the President is elected by the electorial college and the people of the United States. The President has the ability to influence the choice of his party, but certainly not to select them.

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Only in very limited cases. For example, Upon the resignation of VP Spiro Agnew President Nixon Appointed House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford to the VP position. Upon Nixon's own resignation VP Ford became president for the remainder of his term.

President Ford was the only person to hold the office of President of the US with out being elected to either the office of VP or president.

Presidents can endorse the candidate whom they want to follow them. Andrew Jackson was one of the most popular presidents in history and chose Martin Van Buren, who was able to win easily because of Jackson's endorsement. John Quincy Adams tried to pick Henry Clay, but this failed when he lost to Jackson when running for reelection.

It's not common anymore, but picking a successor isn't illegal.

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Q: Can the president pick his successor?
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Can the president pick his own successor?

they can in a way. they get to pick their vice president who would take over the presidency if something were to happen but he has only his citizen's vote for the next prez.

Does the president pick his successor?

false because if the office of the president becomes vacant the vice president becomes president. next in order of succession iis the speaker of the house then president pro tempore of the senate then members of the cabinet starting with the secretary of state. if the president is ill and cannot serve the vice president can become president temporarily.

Does the vice president pick his successor?

No. In the event that the president and vice president are both killed, the 3rd in command is the speaker of the house. When a president and vice president leave the white house after their term(s), the president elect has already selected his running mate, who becomes the vice president after the inauguration.

Who is the Successor of the present president?

Vice-President Cheney

Who was president Fillmore's successor?


Successor if the president is disabled?

Vice president, Speaker of the House, and so on.

What is the vice presidents role as successor for the president?

If the president is no longer able to be president the vice president steps in and becomes president.

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Who was The First President's Successor?

John Adams succeeded the first president and so became the second president.

Why did emperor Wen pick Yang Guang as his successor?

what was judaism's place of worship

Who is the president of the state senate?

The president of the state Senate is the presiding officer of a Senate. He is the successor of powers and responsibilities of the President.

Who became president after the assassination of mcKinely?

It was Theodore Roosevelt the successor.