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Jim crow cars

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Q: Cars on railroads that were segregated for blacks and whites were called?
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What was the effect of Jim crows laws?

they segregated blacks and whites.

What were laws the segregated blacks and whites?

The Jim Crow Law segregated the blacks & whites

What were laws that segregated black and whites?

The Jim Crow Law segregated the blacks & whites

How was society segregated in the 1930s in the southern US?

whites and blacks were segregated harshly.

What laws set up segregated facilities for whites and blacks in the south through the 1950's?

The Jim Crow Law segregated the blacks & whites

Black and whites going to school together is called?

A racially integrated school. Conversely, a school (system) that keeps blacks and whites separated is said to be "segregated."

Why weren't blacks and whites able to go to the same schools?

Because they segregated them.

What are 3 ways in which Jim crow states segregated blacks and whites?

Jim Crow separated blacks and whites by preventing them from going to school together and using the same public facilities such as restrooms. Blacks and whites had separate entrances to businesses and public transportation had separate sections for whites and blacks.

What were laws that segregated blacks and whites called?

the segregation laws were commonly known as "Jim Crow" laws

Why was there a need for negro leagues?

The U.S. was segregated at that time and blacks and whites did not play on the same teams.

What was the name given to the racist policy in south Africa that caused blacks and whites to be segregated?


Was it illegal for a black to kiss a white Jim Crow laws?

Yes blacks and whites were segregated!