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Q: What are blacks whites and grays called?
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What was the effect of Jim crows laws?

they segregated blacks and whites.

My Photoshop Wont let you Use Colors It Only lets me use Grays Blacks And Whites How do i Fix It?

Set image properties (quality or mode) to RGB.

Why can blacks say but whites cant?

That is called a "double standard".

What were whites and blacks called that fought against slavery?

Abolishoners (i think...)

Why were blacks and whites separate?

because whites didn't like blacks and they thought they were better than blacks !

Cars on railroads that were segregated for blacks and whites were called?

Jim crow cars

What were laws the segregated blacks and whites?

The Jim Crow Law segregated the blacks & whites

Did whites or blacks have more power?


Who is most promiscuous whites or blacks?


What color coats are possible in wolves?

depends on the species. gray wolves can be gray, white, black, or a muxture of grays, blacks, reds, and whites. Arctic can be white. Red wolves are reddish brown.

Who is hotter whites or blacks?

Blacks consider blacks sexier and whites consider whites sexier.In a natural environment Races would not mix.It is goes against what we are hardwired to do.Cheers.

How were blacks treated in the 1920's?

the blacks were treated poorly while the whites were treated with respect. the blacks were like the whites slaves.