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During World War II in the Pacific Ocean, it was necessary for the Allies to fight from island to island. The Japanese had occupied dozens of Pacific islands. They all either needed to be taken or cut off from supply lines. Many of the islands were strategic in nature and provided bases to fly from to attack the Japanese homeland.

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The war in the pacific was over Hawaii, and was owned by a monarch lady named minicalicocaici. Some of the white foreigners and United States Navy were able to take over the communist Hawaii and claim it as a U.S territory.

At Wake Island during WWII, the initial Japanese invasion force consisted of three cruisers, six destroyers, and four etc
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Q: Describe the island war in the pacific?
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Why could the war in the pacific be described as island-hopping?

The American forces had to take the Pacific back from the Japanese island by island.

What was the strategy in the pacific war?

Island Hopping.

Describe the role of the Japanese in the Pacific War?


In 1942 how was the war in the pacific characterized?

"Island Hopping"

Describe the allied strategy in the pacific?

To by pass the islands and not fight for every island

What term was described the allied war strategy of the war in the pacific?

"Island-Hopping" .

Which was a characteristic of the war in the Pacific?

Island hoppingLong, bloody battles.

How do you describe island hopping?

Island hopping was a strategy for gaining ground in the Pacific during World War II. The plan was to take control of an island, then jump to the next one. Eventually, this allowed the US to get close enough to Japan to bomb them repeatedly.

What happened in the south pacific World War 2?

The Allies fought the Japanese from island to island across the Pacific, pushing them back to Japan.

What was the turningpoint of the pacific war?

The battle of Midway is considered the turning point of the Naval War in the Pacific while the six month struggle for the island of Guadalcanal is considered the turning point for the land war in the Pacific

Famous battle site in pacific World War 2?

Savo Island

Pacific island acquired by the US as a result of the Spanish-American war?

Guam, a lovely island with 178,000 residents.