Did Indians first grow tobbaco

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sex is like a roller coaster... You wait an hour for a two minute ride.

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Q: Did Indians first grow tobbaco
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What do they grow in Provence?

people ,weed,tobbaco,drugs

What did the farmers grow in the New England Colonies?

tobbaco corn wheat

Who lead englinsh settlers to Jamestown to grow tobbaco?

Native Americans

What crops grow along the Zambezi river?

tobbaco sorghum millet

Who were the first people to grow tobacco?

the American Indians did!

Who introduced tobbaco?

So you are wondering who invented Tobbaco? The person who invented tobbaco was Albert einstin.

How do you make tobbaco on Doodle God?

Fire + Grass = tobbaco

Acetone what is it?

It is a yellow liquid that has a burning smoke when lit ablaze. It is used as a fertilizer to grow tobbaco. If you drink it, you will have a strong chance of death.

How did the Indians treat the Pilgrims when you first arrived in Jamestown?

they showed them to grow vegetsbles,catch fish,grow crops,build houses.

How many new zealanders smoke tobbaco?

Around 125,000 adults smoke tobbaco

What is addictive in tobbaco?


What did the British encourage the Indians to grow instead of food?

The British encouraged the Indians to grow cotton instead of food.