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Sylvester Parks was the only sibling of Rosa Parks. He did marry and have children. In her obituary it is mentioned she was survived by her sister-in-law and 13 nieces and nephews.

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Q: Did Sylvester Parks get married and have children?
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What was the last name of Rosa Parks' brother Sylvester?

He died from cancer in 1977. Rosa Parks was really sad.

How many siblings did Rosa Parks have?

Rosa Parks had one younger brother named Sylvester McCauley. She grew up with him and her mother on her grandparents farm. Her brother was younger than her by 1 year. Sylvester later married Daisy McCauley and had 13 children. Sylvester died of cancer when he was about 64 years old.

Was Rosa Parks married and did she have children?

Yes, she married Raymond Parks in 1932. They never had any children.

Is sylvester parks still alive?

Yes, Sylvester Parks is still alive.

Who is rosa parks brother?

Sylvester McCauley

Did Rosa Parks have a husband or children?

Yes, Rosa Parks got married and she also had two kids.

What are the names of Rosa Parks Parents and siblings?

Rosa Parks sibling was Sylvester McCauley.

Did Rosa Parks have children and if yes what were they called?

In 1932, Rosa married Raymond Parks. There is no indication they had children.

What was Rosa parks husban?

Rosa Parks married Raymond Parks on December 18, 1932. They were married for 45 years but they did not have any children.

Did Rosa Parks have one or two siblings?

Yes, Rosa had a younger brother, Sylvester McCauley.

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