Is sylvester parks still alive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, Sylvester Parks is still alive.

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Q: Is sylvester parks still alive
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How old was Rosa Parks brother?

Let me guess. I say if he was still alive he would be 93 years old. He was only 62 when died of cancer.

What was the last name of Rosa Parks' brother Sylvester?

He died from cancer in 1977. Rosa Parks was really sad.

Is Rosa Parks brother alive?

She had a brother named Sylvester after his grandfather.

Are Rosa Parks' siblings alive?

No. Her younger brother Sylvester, who was her only sibling, died of cancer in November 1977.

Are the nephews and nieces of Rosa parks still alive?

Rosa parks is not alive she died in 2005

Is Michael parks still alive?

yes he is still alive and doing well

Who is rosa parks brother?

Sylvester McCauley

Is Sylvester Stallone alive on augest 14 2010?

Yeah hes still alive as far as i know

Is Raymond parks still alive?


Is rosa's parks mom still alive?


Is rosa parks still alive and why?

she is not alive . She died in 2005 from a disease

How old when Sylvester when he died?

Sylvester ( Rosa Parks Brother) was 28 when he died