Did affirmative action work

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Affirmative action allows for equal opportunity for women and minorities access to fair employment and education. There are disputes concerning whether affirmative action's policy discriminates against individuals whom are qualified for specific roles.

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Yes. Many people want to repeal it. For example, white males are becoming the new minority and many people who do not fall in the minority category feel that minorities have an unfair advantage over them.

There is nothing to "repeal" since no legislature ever enacted an AA STATUTE, it is only a presidential Executive Order (EO 11246). Any President could end AA tomorrow with a new EO and no legislature or court could reverse him.

AA is still imposed on larger employers as a temporary remedy for proven discrimination. "AA plans" in fed funded contracts require workforce analysis,. but can never require race-conscious or sex-conscious hiring in violation of Title VII, a statute enacted by Congress.

White males were never a majority in the population, and still are not. Males are half the workforce and whites are about 80% of the workforce, so we expect WM to be 40%. ALL other race-sex segments are smaller, and NONE is a majority of the workforce or population.

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Q: Did affirmative action work
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What argument do critics of affirmative action often make?

Critics often make the argument that affirmative action is unconstitutional.

Should Affirmative Action be eliminated?

Affirmative action, otherwise known as "reverse-discrimination", is a policy that effectively discriminates against certain groups for the benefit of other groups. The intent of such a policy is to "even the playing field." The actual result, however, is that less qualified individuals unfairly gain access to employment, education, groups, etc at the expense of more qualified individuals. But this does not even begin to address the true underpinnings of discrimination. The result of affirmative action, or discrimination, is that those in the "target" groups that affirmative action is supposed to help might obtain credentials that are then questioned (fairly or unfairly) but others who wonder if their success was a product of talent and hard-work or of government-sponsorsored discrimination - ie affirmative action. So, the result is that affirmative action actually LEADS to stereotyping, the underpinning of discrimination. Affirmative Action should absolutely be eliminated. Fairness is not unilateral - the only way to address problems of discrimination is by even-ing the playing field for all. Education and free markets are the solution.

What was an unintended outcome of affirmative action?

reverse discrimination

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