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Go to Google images and look up "Pomo Indians"

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they look like a normal house except it was made of tulle and it was more roundish

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Do you have pictures of Pomo baskets

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Q: Do you have Pictures of pomo houses?
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What are Pomo houses made of?

they are made of willow branches, tule and dry grass(long)

What kind of dwelling did the pomo live in Cause i have a report to do.?

the kind of dwelling the Pomo do is their houses.

What are pomo Indian houses called?

They live in houses called adobes.

What kind of shelter did the Pomo tribe have?


What did the pomo live in?

They lived in houses called hogans.

What did pomos make?

pomo made pottery and houses

What do pomo Indian homes look like?

Pomo Indians lived in large communties and had houses made of grass.

What type of houses did pomos live in?

the environment was marshy

Do you have any pictures of Pomo Indian clothing of women kids or men in full size?

No, but there are pictures of them wearing their traditional clothing, if you go on Google and type Indian Pomo Tribe, go on pictures, you'll see a man, woman, and child in full body size. I am not sure what page but it's there somewhere. You can find it in the mid thirties.

What did pomo Indian houses look like'?

The Pomo Indian house was a shelter that resembled a hut. The Indians used branches and plants to make dome shaped homes. The brush was sometimes secured with leather for weatherization.

Where can you find pictures of Pueblo houses?

what is it?

Pictures of different kinds of houses?

If you are trying to buy a house here is a link Copy and paste the URL If you just want to look AT houses then go to google and type in Pictures of Houses or Photos of Houses