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what is it?

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Q: Where can you find pictures of Pueblo houses?
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What homes did the pueblo live in?

Pueblo lived in adobe houses

Where did pueblo live in?


What Tribes lived in the Adobe Dwellings?

the Pueblo Indians lived in the adobe houses. Each Pueblo tribe is named for the pueblo it lives in. Some are Zuni, Laguna, Acoma, Tewa, Tiwa and Towa. There are many others. Hopi people also live in adobe houses.

Where can one find pictures of Bulgaria houses?

You can find pictures of houses in Bulgaria at Estate Agency sites that operate in Bulgaria such as New Estate BG and All Bulgarian Property. You can also find these pictures at sites such as Village Homes Bulgaria and The Move Channel.

Where pueblo people live?

Pueblo people usually live in cliff or cave houses.

What did the pueblo people built?

Adobe houses.

What are pueblo peoples houses made of?


What type of houses did the pueblo people live in?

The Pueblo Indians lived in a pueblo, made of adobe and wood. It had a flat roof.

What are the pueblo Indians of New Mexico known for?

The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico are known for there pueblos which are their houses

What did the Pueblo use to build their permanent houses?

what in the world i dont know i asked you the answer pueblo girl 260

What did pueblo homes look like?

pueblo Indians homes were a box like

What is a simile for pueblo?

A pueblo is like a sprawling ancient city, with interconnected adobe houses and a central plaza.