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Q: Do you have to be part African to be African American?
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What race is Jimi Hendrix?

Jimi Hendrix was part African-American and part Cherokee.

What is the race of Barack Obama?

Probably part African-American, part American

What was WEB DuBois part of?

He was part of the African American movements.

Is Nigeria part of the African culture Or is it part of the African-American culture?

Nigeria is a country in Africa and therefore part of both the African and African-American cultures (since it is likely that some African-Americans draw heritage from Nigeria, and many Africans actually live there.)

What happened to the South's African American population as a part of this shift?

The South's African American population became the majority.

Was Andrew Jackson part African American?

yes he was~!

Is Deron Williams part African American?


Is Carol Channing part African-American?

Yes her father was mixed his father was German and his mother was a southern African American.

What races are part of Mexican American heritage?

American Indian, Spanish, African,

Is Kris Humphries part African American?

His Mom is Caucasian and his Dad is half Caucasian/half African-American. So Kris Humphries is 75% Caucasian, and 25% African-American.

What does a baby of mixed African American and Caucasian race look like?

Maybe light skinned & maybe the hair texture is mixed or it's like African American hair but grows different...I'm part African American & part Irish.

When did free African American's first take part in the revolution?

Right off the start there were free African American's involved in the war.