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Yes. Look at what it led up to, America!

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Q: Do you think The boycott was good reasoning on the colonists part in1767?
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What boycott urged colonists not to buy or import British goods?

The tea party I think. The colonists dressed up as indians and dumped all the overpriced tea overboard trying to prove a point in which the prices were to high.

Why do you think the colonist boycotted British goods?

The colonists boycotted British goods in an attempt to not only boost their own economy, but to show Britain how important the colonies were. The colonists hoped the impact of their boycott on the British economy would rally British merchants to their cause while showing Parliament how important the colonies were.

The ability to think with conscious reasoning?


What famous person did boycott come from?

I think there was one Captain Boycott in Ireland, and the locals didn't like him, so they 'Boycotted' him: to isolate, ignore, marginalise.

What would you have done to support the colonial boycott?

i would have help them in anyway i could that what i think. But what i think does really mean something i think it what you think.

What reasoning do you think is behind Adamss reaction?

think about which man would agree with

What reasoning do you think is behind Adams reaction?

think about which man would agree with

How does Dr King feel about violence against white people?

What do you think...he made a boycott.

What do you think was the reasoning behind the scholars cure for huatse?


Why did the colonists think the write of assistance violated their rights?

The colonists think the writs of assistance violated their rights because they wanted it to be secure in their home.

What did the United States do about the 1980's Olympics?

I think there was a boycott by the United States of the 1980 Olympics.

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