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does the northwest tribe live in teepees

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Q: Does northwest tribe live in teepees?
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What did the shoshoni tribe live in?


What kind of house did the apache tribe live in?

wigwams and teepees

What kind of house did the winnebago tribe live in?

im guessing teepees

Did the shasta tribe live in teepees?

No. Tipis are used by nomadic peoples of the Plains. Chumash people are from California and live in settled villages. Today they usually live in houses or apartments.

Did the shoshone tribe live in teepees all the time?

mostly yes they did live in teepees all the time . have any other questions? i would love to answer them they are so easy to do do you think so ?

What type of shelter did the cheyenne tribe live in. what was it made of .did they live in the same place all year?

They Cheyenne tribe lived in teepees. The teepees were made out of buffalo hide left over after they hunted it. They did not live in the same place each year they moved around very fequently because they followed their food (buffalo).

Which lenape tribe lived in teepees?

the lenape did live in wigwams. usually 1 per wigwam. RAVI ARYA

What was the clothes that the Achumawi tribe wear?

they were teepees

What house did the Dakota tribe live in.?

Dakota is another name for Sioux. The Dakota lived in teepees made of buffalo skins. Today they have homes similar to others that live in the area. Teepees were useful to travel with horses following the buffalo.

Why did the Sioux native American tribe live in teepees?

They lived in tepees because they were easy to move very warm and confortable

Where did the northwest Indian tribe live?

Alaska and near the pacific coast

Who constructed the Paiute tribe's homes?

The tribe constructed their own teepees . They were a plains tribe so used tepees for shelter.