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The Clatsop Indians lived in the pacific northwest area of the United States. Lewis and Clark originally discovered the tribe in 1805.

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Q: Where did the Clatsop Indians live?
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Where do the Clatsop Indians live?

The Clatsop people, a group of the Chinook Indians, are called Clatsop because the have traditionlly lived on the South side of the Columbia River near it's mouth at the present day Astoria, Oregon USA

Did Lewis and Clark steal a canoe from the Clatsop natives?

Yes. they did because they thought it would make them even ( the clatsop Indians stole from them) :)

What has the author Willis Eberman written?

Willis Eberman has written: 'Meetings, partings' 'Clatsop drumbeats' -- subject(s): Poetry, Clatsop Indians

What is the Clatsop Indians religion?

The Clatsop, or Chinook, Indians were and are a group of Chinooken peoples living on the South side of the Columbia River. Traditional religion is complicated to explain as nothing was really "worshiped". Instead there were many customs to follow and taboos to avoid.

Why did Lewis and clark steal the canoe from the clatsop Indians?

There is no evidence to suggest that Lewis and Clark stole a canoe from the Clatsop Indians. The expedition did receive assistance from various Native American tribes during their journey, including the Clatsop tribe who provided canoes for travel. Lewis and Clark made efforts to establish positive relationships with the Native American tribes they encountered.

What kinds of food do Clatsop Indians eat?

Clatsop Indians, a band of Chinook Indians living on the South side of the Columbia River near present day Astoria, Oregon ate all kinds of seafood, except eel, deer, elk, seals, ducks, and geese. Camas roots were an important part of the diet too as well as all kinds of berries.

When was Clatsop Butte created?

Clatsop Butte was created in 2000.

When was Clatsop Community College created?

Clatsop Community College was created in 1958.

What is the area of Clatsop State Forest?

The area of Clatsop State Forest is 550.372 square kilometers.

How was the winter of in Fort Clatsop?

it was cold

Were do the pomo Indians live?

The Pomo Indians live in California.

How old is Fort Clatsop?

It was built in 1805.