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No, they do not pass laws, they pass Bills.

Technically they pass a Bill which, once it passes both house of Congress is sent to the President and when the President signs it, THEN it becomes a law.

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yes! dummy

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Q: Does the legislative branch pass laws?
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What branch votes to pass laws?

The Legislative Branch

What branch makes laws in government?

The legislative branch makes the laws.the legislative branch isn't the only one that makes the laws, its also the executive branch.ADDED: The legislative Branch of Government does not make or pass laws, they promulgate rules and regulations,which many times have the force of law. Only the Legislative Branch can pass laws, the Executive Branch ENACTS them.executive branch

What branch is responsible for making laws?

The Legislative Branch has the power to pass laws. The Executive Branch can veto laws, and the Judicial Branch can check laws to make sure that they are constitutional (and can end them if they are not).

What is the point of the legislative branch?

To write and pass laws.

What is the main job of the legislative branch?

To make the laws. The legislative branch makes laws. Examples are state legislatures, Congress, and Parliament.

Which branch can pass laws over the president's veto?


What is one duty that the legislative branch has to do?

to pass bills and laws.

What are the two duties of the legislative branch?

pass laws and make taxes!:)

Which branch can pass laws over the presidents veto by two thirds majority vote of both houses?

The US Congress is the legislative branch of the US government and is the branch that can pass laws.

What us branch of government is responsible to pass laws?

the legislative branch which is also called Congress

Does the congressional branch enforce the laws?

The legislative or congressional branch is responsible for MAKING the laws. They write and pass legislation into law.

Branch of government that passes laws?

Legislative BranchA:The legislative branch is responsible for creating and passing laws. However, the president has the authority to veto any laws, which prevents them from passing. the legislative creates the laws and bills and it is then sent to the president he may pass or veto it the legislative branch then may over turn the veto with a 2/3's vote