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"a step in the growth of representative democracy" i had this question on a homework and that ^ was the correct answer

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Q: During the colonial era the creation of colonial assemblies represented?
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Which feature of government was developed most fully during the colonial period?

representative assemblies Legislative assemblies, whose members were elected by voters, evolved during the colonial period. Most became so powerful that they held the power of the purse and so controlled the actions of colonial governors.

What were the functions of the colonial assemblies during the colonial era?

A step in the growth of representative democracy

Why was colonial williamsburg important during colonial times?


Who was in control during the Roman Republic?

The three assemblies of the people - Centuriate, Tribal and Plebean.

Name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period?

name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period

Did colonies help their colonial powers during the world war?

No. There is a great deal wrong with your question. First, in the 1700-1800's there was no world war. Second the colonists were only concerned about survival and creation of a society.

Which plantation was the most important during the colonial period?

which plantation was most important during the colonial period

What bodies was the first representative institution to convene during the colonial period in America?

The first represented body to meet on U.S soil was the Virginia House of Burgesses which first met on July 30, 1619,

Which village assemblies were active during the time of Pallavas and Chalukyas?

During the time of the Pallavas and Chalukyas, the village assemblies known as Sabha and Ur were active. These assemblies were important in governing local affairs, resolving disputes, and overseeing community welfare. Sabha was a general assembly representing all castes, while Ur was specific to the agrarian community.

What percent of the population did cities contain during the colonial period?

During the colonial period, cities contained about 10% of the entire population.

What is the possessive noun for you read about the lives of women during colonial times?

The possessive form is, "You read about women'slives during colonial times."

What was pilgrims puritans and quakers experience during colonial settlements?

The pilgrims, puritans, and quakers' experience during colonial settlements were not good.