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The amendment that gave former slaves the same rights as other Americans was the 14th amendment.

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Q: Gave former slaves the same rights as other Americans?
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Why did it take additional amendments to give former slaves the same rights as other citizens?

constitution handbook left side?,,me too

What gave former slaves the same rights other U.S citizens enjoyed?

The Civil War amendments {APEX}

How did the prosperity and economic advantages of the period exclude most African-Americans and women?

Even though the slaves were freed after the Civil War, they still did not have the same rights that other Americans had. Women still had not won the right to vote, so they also did not have any say in who was going to be in the White House. The freed slaves became sharecroppers on land owned by their former owners and weren't much better off for it.

Why did many former slaves migreat to southern cities?

Many former slaves migrated to southern cities for economic opportunities, such as jobs in industries like manufacturing and agriculture. They also sought community and social support from other African Americans who had already established themselves in urban areas. Additionally, southern cities offered better access to education and political rights compared to rural areas.

Who protects the rights of all Americans?

The Bill of Rights and other amendments protect the rights of all Americans.

Who were the first Europeans to bring in slaves?

The Spanish had slaves in North America in the 1500's. Columbus made 1500 Native Americans slaves and the other explorers also made Native Americans slaves.

Why were slaves African-Americans?

slaves were African Americans because white people thought other colored people were different from them and segregation is another reason

What statements is most accurate in light of the political realities in America during the 1830s and the founding fathers' claim that all men were created equal?

In America, landowning white men had access to rights that women, native americans, african slaves, and other men who didnt own property did not

Could freed blacks buy slaves?

No, because it's not fair for the other African Americans to be controlled by other experienced slaves.

Do other nationalities have a voting rights act?

Other than african americans what other nationality has to have voting rights?

Did slaves have the rights?

Slaves had no rights because back when they were around, they weren't considered human, but something below human to justify their slavery. Slaves were considered to be like horses and dogs, those don't have rights have either so why would slaves.

How where hopes of African-Americans dissapionted after the war?

The Federal government (mis)led the newly-freed slaves to believe that they would receive land and other resources - "forty acres and a mule." Also, after Federal administrators left the former Confederate States in 1877, white southerners regained control, denied the vote and other civil rights to blacks, and legalized segregation in schools and other public places.