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they talk about the same thing

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the both talk about the same thing

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Q: How are The Mysterious Mr Lincoln and A Backwoods Boy similar?
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How many times did Abraham Lincoln move?

he moved 3 times when he was a young boy.

What was Sarah Lincolns kids names?

Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, Abraham Lincoln's older sister, did not have any children who lived. She died, in childbirth, and her first child, a boy, was stillborn. Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's stepmother, had 3 children from a prior marriage, which left her a widow, when she married Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas. Her children's names were: Elizabeth, Matilda, and John D.

What does the quote Whatever you are be a good one by Abraham Lincoln mean?

There is no hard evidence that Lincoln every uttered these words, but people do say that he said them. What is means is to try be good at whatever you do. It is like the boy scout motto, "Do your best". Do a good job at whatever you are doing.

What life did Abraham Lincoln have before he became president?

He lived in a log cabin and was a farm boy. He actually ran for president the first time and lost but then he ran again and won.

What grade did Abraham Lincoln drop out of school?

Lincoln didn't drop out of school because he never went to school. Lincoln grew up in the Kentucky wilderness and was born in a log cabin. He learned to read when his stepmother taught him and he taught himself law. His father had Lincoln as a young man work for the other farmers in the area. He was a tall strong boy and had the nickname "the rail splitter." In this time in history a father could do this and keep any wages that were earned until they reached 21.

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