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The president appoints Judiciary positions and the Executive branch can grant pardons, overriding judicial rulings.

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Q: How can the President check the judiciary?
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What would be a check on a president in checks and balances?

The Congress and the judiciary

How does the judiciary checkmate the executive?

The president makes numerous judicial appointments, including nominations to the Supreme Court. As a result, a president can leave a lasting imprint on the judiciary -- and the nation -- for years to come.

Does the president have judiciary power?


The president is in a different branch than the judiciary branch of government.?

The President is in a different branch than the judiciary branch of government.

What president was responsible for the creation of the judiciary system?

George Washington was responsible for the creation of the judiciary system.

Who are appointments to the federal judiciary made by?


Which committee in the house of representatives recommended that president Nixon be impeached?

The House Judiciary Committee recommended President Richard Nixon be impeached in February of 1974. President Nixon resigned before the Articles of Impeachment were voted on.

What President signed the Judiciary Act of 1801 into law?

President John Adams signed the Judiciary Act of 1801 into law on February 13, 1801, just two weeks before the end of his administration.

Who created the office of attorney general?

In 1789 with one of the first Judiciary Enactments of Congress.

What branch nominates members of the judiciary?

The Executive Branch. More specifically, the President

Which branch of the government has the offices of the president and vice president?

The offices of the President and the Vice President are part of the executive branch of government. Legislative and judiciary are the other two branches.

What is the term for the power the judiciary has to declare acts of the president or congress unconstitutional?

the answer is judicial reveiw!!