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The United States president is constitutionally forbidden from tampering with the judiciary through removals. Congress has the sole authority to affirm justice appoints, and remove them (in addition the president and civil servants themselves) through the articles of impeachment.

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Q: The president may remove justices and all other federal judges with the approval of the House of Representatives?
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Who represents the federal government?

The President, Supreme Court justices, Senators, Representatives and others.

What does the US President appoint to the Supreme Court?

The President can nominate Supreme Court justices (including the Chief Justice) and federal judges, but the Senate must vote their approval before the person is actually appointed.

What is the difference between how federal judges are nominated vs how supreme court justices are nominated?

The process of nominating federal judges and Supreme Court justices is similar, but there are a few key differences. Federal judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, while Supreme Court justices go through the same process but with heightened scrutiny and public attention. Additionally, Supreme Court justices serve lifetime appointments, while federal judges may serve either lifetime or fixed terms depending on the specific court.

Only federal justices and judges are what?

are appointed to the court by the president

What is the Sequence for approval for the federal budget?

from the president to congress back to the president.

What is the function and detail about judicial service commission in Nigeria?

regulation, appointment and termination of the chief justice of the federation, supreme court justices, appeal court president and justices, and federal court justices etc by make recommendation to the president federal republic of Nigeria.

Who can Congress impeach?

In the United States, the House of Representatives may impeach the President, Vice-President, Federal judges (including Supreme Court justices) and other "civil officers," such as cabinet members. Congress has chosen to interpret "civil officers" as anyone the President appoints.In 1799, Congress determined Senators and Representatives cannot be impeached.

Do federal justices and judges have the authority to choose who their replacements will be?

No. Federal judges are appointed by the President with confirmation by the Senate.

Who appoints US Supreme Court justices and other federal judges?

The president sends the name of a candidate for the Supreme Court to congress and they decide if he / she gets the job. With an ambassador he doesn't need approval to appoint someone to the post.

Can the president make appointments of ambassadors with the approval of the Senate?

The President can make ambassador appointments only with the "advice and consent of the Senate."

How is a federal judge elected?

(in the US) Federal judges are not elected, they are appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate.

Who sets the federal income tax rates?

Congress along with approval of the President.