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For the younger generation back then, Ho Chi Minh had been a founder of the communist party in North Vietnam & a "Hero" & victor against the French.

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Ho Chi Minh was the communist guerrilla leader of the Vietminh league against France. When the French were defeated, Ho became president.

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Q: How did Ho Chi Minh become a leader of North Vietnam?
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Who was Ho Chin Minh?

The leader of the Vietnamese communists who were militarily victorious over the French and the American imperialists. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the league "Viet Minh" (which is the league of independence.) He was the one that declared INDEPENDENCE for Vietnam.

After the Vietnam war saigon became known as?

Ho Chi Minh city.

Did president Truman recognize the democratic republic of Vietnam in August 1945?

The REPUBLIC of SOUTH Vietnam didn't come about until 1954/55.- Not responsive to question. Harry Truman communicated with Ho Chi Minh(president) but did not formally "recognize" the Democratic Republic of Vietnam(north vietnam). John F. Kennedy made a big noise later about no formality so that he(JFK) could make the Democratic Republic of Vietnam someone he could speak as an enemy so that he could get votes. Truth was that the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was an allyof the Inited States.

When the Vietnam war era what nation supported ho chi minh and north Vietnam?

CHICOM (Chinese Communist) AK-47s, and other small arms, MiG-19 (J6 versions)/trained North Vietnamese pilots in Red China; and other military equipment were supplied by Red China. USSR trained MiG-17 & MiG-21 North Vietnamese pilots in the Soviet Union, as well as supplying the jets. T54/55 medium tanks were supplied by USSR/Red China.

The communist leader of the vietnamese rebellion against french and Japanese rule vienam which won independent for veinam for only a few months in 1945?

Ho Chi Minh