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In a car crash with Ryan after Volchok bumps their car.

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Q: How did Micsha Barton Die on the OC?
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Who plays Marissa Cooper in the oc?

Mischa Barton

Who were Mischa Barton's parents on Fox's The OC?

jimmy and Julie

Who are the oc actress?

The main actresses on The OC are: Marissa: Mischa Barton Summer: Rachel Bilson Kirsten: Kelly Rowan

What Neutrogena spokes model plays Marissa Cooper on The OC?

Mischa barton

Does Cam Gigandet play in oc?

yes. his character killed marissa (micha barton's character)

What TV series killed off Mischa Barton's Marissa Cooper in a car crash at the end of its 2006 season?

The OC

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