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If the ancestor was a disgrace then that person will look at them as a joke.

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Q: How did an individual lineage affect his or her life in American societies?
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How did an individual's lineage affect his or hers life in African societies?

Lineage was important in African societies as it determined social status, inheritance rights, and access to resources. Individuals from noble or royal lineages often had more power and privilege while those from common lineages had to work harder for social advancement. Lineage also played a role in resolving conflicts, building alliances, and maintaining cultural traditions.

How did religion affect social norms in early American societies?

It affects there look on God's vision for there social skills .

How did the arrival of European settlers affect native American societies?

the native Americans brought germs and diseases to the europeans

In what ways can exploration and expansion affect the worldview of a societies and the societies they come into contact with?


How does migration affect societies?

because of a source of movment

How did warfare and military alliances affect early societies?


How does the interaction of people groups affect the growth of society?

How does the interaction of people groups affect the growth of societies?

Factors that affect an individual's ability to learn?

There are many factors that affect an individual's ability to learn including nutrition. The people in the individual's life also affect the ability to learn.

How does the movement of the mantle affect human societies?

it affects it by the earthquakes and volcanoes it causes

How does the interaction of people groups affect the growth of societies?

The interaction of people groups can lead to the exchange of ideas, technologies, and resources, which can foster innovation and growth in societies. It can also lead to cultural diffusion and enrichment, shaping the development of societies. However, conflicts and tensions between different groups can impede societal growth and development.

How do land forms and bodies of water affect peoples way of life?

Land forms and bodies of water profoundly affect the development of human societies by determine food and water source, opportunities for construction, weather, and natural threats. They also determine how close other societies are and how easily a community can travel to and trade with other societies.

How did the Magna Carta affect medical society?

The Magna Carta did not affect any "medical" society. Medical societies had not been invented when it was signed.