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Q: In what ways can exploration and expansion affect the worldview of a societies and the societies they come into contact with?
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How did Indian societies of south and North America differ from European societies at the time the two came into contact?

indians are black and europeans are white. white people are smarter

Who did bartolomeu dias come in contact with on his exploration?

Bartolomeu Dias came into contact with the indigenous Khoikhoi people during his exploration of the southern tip of Africa. He also encountered adverse weather conditions and dangerous sea currents during his journey.

What role did the crusades have in changing the European worldview?

crusades increased contact with other people, increased traveling by Europeans, and brought people from all over that shared their ideas.

What happened when Europeans came into contact with Native Americans during the Age of exploration?

died from diseases

Ways that exploration and intercultural contact during the Renaissance affect the citizenship and identity of europeans?

Exploration and intercultural contact during the Renaissance broadened Europeans' understanding of other cultures and challenged their existing beliefs. This exposure led to a more interconnected world and a reevaluation of what it meant to be a citizen of Europe, fostering a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, and a more diverse collective identity.

How do you contact Kaiser Exploration Limited?

Kaiser Exploration, Ltd. 1200-700 4 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3J4 Telephone : 403-263-4245

What motivates individuals to enter into social contact?

They believe that individuals can only survive by forming groups and societies.

What were some advantages of Hawaiians having contact with outsiders during exploration and colonization?

New Ideas and Products

How did Prince Henry interact with the native people?

Prince Henry the Navigator established trade partnerships and diplomatic relations with the native people in Africa during the Age of Exploration. He did not personally interact with the native people, but he sponsored expeditions and explorations that helped foster contact and exchange between European and African cultures. His efforts ultimately contributed to the expansion of European exploration and colonization in Africa.

Why do we know more about the Aztec than about other south an Central American societies?

The Aztec civilization was particularly well-documented due to their highly organized society and their contact with Spanish conquistadors, who wrote extensively about their encounters. Additionally, the Aztec capital city, Tenochtitlan, was located where modern-day Mexico City stands, making it a prominent center for exploration and archeological study. Other Mesoamerican societies may not have left as abundant a historical record or been as geographically accessible for study.

How do you obtain a license for oil and gas exploration and extraction on your property?

contact ministry of natural resources or ministry of the environment

Is Disease spreads faster in agrarian societies than in hunter-gatherer societies True or False?

False. Disease spreads faster in dense populations with close contact, regardless of the societal structure. Hunter-gatherer societies may have lower population density and more mobility, which could help limit the spread of disease compared to agrarian societies.