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Mortar and pestle

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Q: How did native Americans grind seeds and grain?
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What did Native Americans use pumpkin seeds for?

yes it was used for food

Are sunflower seeds a grain?

Some seeds are grain but some are not these seeds that are considered a grain: Amaranth, Buckwheat berries, and Wild rice.

How are seeds different from grain?

Grain is seed.

How did the pilgrams grow food?

Native Americans showed them how, they gave them seeds and other things to grow their crops.

Did Native Americans have apples?

Yes, and despite popular folk tales of Johnny Appleseed, it was actually the Native Americans that intentionally spread seeds of the Apple tree, and many others, throughout the lands they occupied or traveled on.

Can cows eat seeds?

Yes. That's what grain is, seeds!

Foods pilgrims learned to eat from native Americans?

The pilgrims thought the native Americans were uncivilized because they were different so they thought they would become like them. But the native Americans did help by teaching the Americans how they make their crops grow healthier (like planting the seeds with a dead fish so the plant can absorb the animals' nutrients and thrive). They may have also learned about the multiple uses of corn from the Native Americans.

Is rice a grass or a grain?

true rice is a grain; grains are the seeds from grasses

How did native Americans use pumpkin?

The Native Americans used pumpkins in a variety of ways. They ate them, including the seeds. They would dry the pumpkin and ground it up to make flour. They also used the shell to make bowls for eating out of and for storage.

What did native americans eat for breakfast?

Native Americans didnâ??t have special breakfast foods because they ate the same types of foods for each meal. This included beans, seeds, fish or other meat, and sometimes bread.

What makes seeds when combined with a flower's eggs?

This tiny grain is called pollen grain.

What seeds do doves eat?

They are grain eaters.