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bc they are gay

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Q: How did southern whites punish African Americans that they deemed to be troublemakers?
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Why did the authors of the declaration of indepedence fail to address the rights of women native Americans and African Americans in the document?

The authors of the Declaration of Independence of the United States failed to address the rights of women, Native Americans, and African Americans because at that time in society, they were not considered to have any rights. African Americans and Native Americans were not deemed to be citizens and women were considered to be second-class citizens.

'what was the significance of the fourteenth amendment and why did president Johnson advise southern states not to adopt it'?

The 14th amendment states that all citizens of America have the right to due process, regardless of race or any other reason. President Johnson advised Southern states to oppose it because he deemed it unconstitutional.

When a small claims case is deemed closed what does that mean?

I just jneed to know when a small claims court case is deemed closed, what that mesns

Article 1 of the constitution directs congress to gerrymander the seats in the house after each census true or false?

false, since gerrymander was deemed unconstitutional.

List of all famous African Americans?

Frederick Douglass, Dr. King, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Rev. James Lawson, Diane Nash, Septima Clark, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rev. Lowery, E D Nixon, JoAnn Gibson Robinson, Medgar Evers, James Baldwin, A. Philip Randolph, W E B DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Jack Johnson, Rosa Parks, Eldridge Cleaver, Bobby Hutton, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, Julian Bond, John Lewis, Emmett Till, etc. The list is endless!

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How did the poll tax help African Americans receive full citizenship?

The poll tax was actually an impediment to African-Americans exercising their right to vote. By taxing voting for African-Americans, who were extremely poor, it effectively stopped them from voting. Only when poll taxes were deemed unconstitutional by the 24th Amendment did African-Americans begin to have a shot at full citizenship.

In the south any one was deemed a troublemaker by the local community?

In the southern United States, individuals were often labeled as troublemakers by their local community based on their actions or behaviors that were seen as disruptive or causing conflict. This label could lead to social ostracism or other forms of exclusion within the community.

Did African-Americans fight in World War 1?

There were close to 1 million African American soldiers that fought with the allied troops during World War II. Prior to 1941 African Americans were deemed unfit for war and were not allowed to fight on the front lines.

How did opponents refer to the purchase of Alaska?

They called it Seward's Folly. For many Americans it was deemed a waste of money.

What was Georgia's attitude towards slavery as a southern colony?

It was deemed an economic necessity and for many large plantations it represented a major financial investment.

What are three sentences for the word deemed?

I deemed it unsafe to proceed.The test was deemed inaccurate. He was twice deemed to be at risk to himself or others.

Did the british sing Yankee doodle to make fun of the Americans?

Yes, it was a negative term deemed at the soldiers the British served with in the French and Indian War.

What is the meaning of deemed income?

deemed income

What was one consequence of western expansion for native American?

The westward expansion had a negative effect on the Native Americans in that region. During the westward expansion, the Native Americans were forced to live on reservations that were deemed the worst land in the area.

How did most Americans react to Mao Zedong's victory in China?

Most Americans were stunned

What does deemed submitted mean?

deemed to be submitted to the client

Deemed in a sentence?

She deemed her class was the loudest at the peripherally