How do crazy people act?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They act out of there nature.

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Q: How do crazy people act?
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What do people say when you act crazy?

some people do

How do you react to people when people call you crazy?

they act hurt and upset

Why do people on club penguin act crazy?

Some people on club penguin just want to have fun and so they act crazy. You should try it it's pretty fun.

How do 88hd kids act?

they act crazy they act crazy

How did the people act in ancient greek?

They acted just as mortals do, only with supernatural aspects.

How does Great Gatsby reflect on how people act today?

It shows people will always kill and be crazy.

When was Crazy to Act created?

Crazy to Act was created on 1927-05-15.

Is slither on Guitar Hero 3 for ps2?

sometimes smart people act crazy

What do crazy people do?

Crazy stuff, of course!(Well, mostly depending on the person, they act Erratically and sometimes can be dangerous. I would recommend staying away from them.)

How do sea urchins act?

act crazy

Why are people acting so crazy these days?

Actully I don't no! Every town has there own Crazy person or People! But Sometimes people can go Crazy By being in a Uncomfortable position for a really long time or Staying home all the time or even being in a hospital! But who knows?? The people who act Crazy are probably the only people who no!!

What are the ratings and certificates for Crazy to Act - 1927?

Crazy to Act - 1927 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U