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Knowledge and desire

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Q: What must people have if they are to act?
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Must a strong movement have a lone nut to motivate people to act?

A strong movement must have 'something' to motivate people to act, this can be a final injustice, defining example/event, or one active person. If the person is a 'nut', then they must be on the opposing side, or not clearly nutty (otherwise people will not wish to associate themselves).

Constituents of human acts?

A human act is basically any act that is carried out by human. Many people think that no human act is evil, but the intentions may be.

Why do people think you act like a kid if you are an adult watching cartoons everyday?

Because that's how the world is, men must always act manish.

What are some of the several problems Alice must face in the book Alice in wonderland?

the people who act out withh her curses

How can people use the Quran in their lives?

People must recite the Qr'an, understand it, and act upon all the commandments of Almighty Allah mentioned in the Qr'an.

How does one select an entrepreneurial activity to be pursued?

To select an entrepreneurial act you must consider the following: 1. the act must be the act of your type must be interested in it 3. the benefits it will give you

What two essential elements must be present before an omission to act can be criminally negligent?

To be found criminally negligent in a court of law for a crime of omission, you must have a duty to act. This must be followed by a failure to act.

Can you learn to act after you are hired?

No you must know how to act before you sign for he job:}

What conditions must be met for a crime to have occurred?

Under modern law, for a crime to have occurred, an illegal act must have been committed and intent to commit the act must be shown.

How many people in ACT?

=== === ---- === === there are 31 people who act in hollyoaks

What does she wears many different hats mean?

She must act as different people. For example a friend at work who is also a boss must sometimes ''wear a boss hat'' and ''wear a friend hat''.

How do people act?

They act out of there nature.