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U just answered ur own question, that's one way females can get into the Crips gang by getting jumped in by male and female Crip members.....and there are other ways that females can get into the Crips gang that don't apply to the men.......which involve her performing certain acts on male members...I think u get what I mean...............

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Q: How do females get jumped in the gang crips?
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Can females leave the crips if they are born in?

Yes, females can leave the crip gang if they were born into it. Anyone can leave a gang.

How do crips get initiated?

It's many ways u can get into the Crips gang ex: Blessed In:Meaning u have or had family or friends that are or were in the gang so they're giving u a blessing to claim it. Beat In:U get jumped by a set number of members for a set number of seconds or minutes. Sexed In:This is only for Females who wanna join meaning they have to perform sexual favors to one or more members. there's many other ways to get into Crips u might have to do something small like fight a rival gang or steal from a rival gang or shoot stab or even kill a rival gang.

How large is cripS gang?

The Crips gang is a very large gang, they hold about 75-80,000 members.

Do crip gang members get squared in?

Squared in as in getting ganged up on when fighting? yes that's one way to get initiated into the Crips, u have to get jumped in or ''squared in''.

What is 873 gang?

The term "873 gang" generally refers to the 873 Hoover Crips gang. This means any Hoover street gang that maintains an affiliation with the Crips gang.

Who the crips?

the crips are a gang that are in the area of LA which are the enemies of the bloods.

Who is the blue gang?

The Blue gang is crips and the RED gang is the BLOODS

What is the crab gang?


Do crips still exist in California?

Yes, the Crips gang still exists in California, as well as outside of California. As long as their rivals the Bloods gang still exsits, then the Crips gang will still exist.

How do you say Crips in spanish?

It's a few ways u can say it. Cripito(used by some Hispanic gangs in the u.s. when referring to the Crips gang). Crepo(Spanish slang for the Crips gang) Crepo Gangero(Spanish slang for Crips Gang). Primo(cousin in Spanish, Crips call each other cousin or ''cuz'')

Are girls allowed in the gang crips?

Yes, girls are allowed in the Crips gang, the female Crip members are called Criplettes.

Who is the fonder of the crips?

Stanley ''Tookie'' Williams & Raymond Washington are the founders of the Crips gang.